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a K-ON! stamping comm

a K-ON! stamping community
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All Members , Moderated

welcome to cagayake_rating! a stamping comm for the k-on! fandom. if you'd like to know which k-on! character you are most like simply join the comm and follow the rules.


you must be a member to post.
no flaming, insulting.
please vote for other apps. it'll help in keeping the community alive.
put anything about 'moe' in the subject line just to make sure you've read the rules.
fill up the application and post it to the comm.
do NOT fill out your application in an attempt to get rated as a certain character. please answer all questions honestly.
when voting, please bold your final vote. It'll make my life easier :)
please don't bandwagon on voting. try at least to provide simple explanations for your votes.
once you get 6 votes or after 1 week ( you may have less votes and already be stamped if voting is pretty unanimous ), you will get stamped.


we currently have a few sets of stamps. refer to this post to choose what stamp you would prefer. just remember, DO NOT HOTLINK.